Cassis boasts of numerous places where UK travelers can have an amazing vacation. This place should be on top of the list of people seeking beaches that have the right facilities for tourists. On my visit to Nice, France opened my eyes to the beauty and the many benefits of visiting one of the most serene places in Europe. I will be discussing my time on the various beaches in Cassis, things you can enjoy there, and tips that can help UK travelers enjoy their stay there.

The Best Beaches in Cassis, France

This fishing village boasts numerous exotic beaches where you can have a good time, here are some Cassis beaches I recommend:

Grand Mer Beach

Close to the Cassis Port is the main beach where you and your loved one can have a nice time. Although I went alone, I saw numerous people with their families who enjoyed their stay. The easy accessibility of this beach makes it a great place for anyone to visit.

I found pale shingles, white sand, and various sandcastles on the beach. I also found out that many lifeguards are available for anybody who needs assistance. In addition, I rented a boat and enjoyed kayaking in the shallow waters.

Bestouan Beach

Aside from the plage de La Grande Mer, I also took a look at this stone beach. One thing I found out about this beach is that it tends more toward adults than young people. If you are looking for a place where sunbathing is allowed, then this might be a good option. If you are hungry, there is a restaurant/bar where you can enjoy some affordable drinks. I saw many people who also came for a vacation on the beach. Locals can be seen playing around and trying to sell some art and wears to tourists.

Plage De L’Arene

Also called the Arena beach In Cassis, this is a beach that can be found close to the city center. It’s close to the Cap Cannaile and isn’t as frequented as other beaches. When I went to this beach, I found it a bit wild, lively, and trendy. The sea view is beautiful and shows you places you have never seen before. Swimming on this beach is a bit tricky so get some excellent reef shoes to protect your feet from harsh rocks.

Plage Du Corton

This is one of the best beaches people who travel from the UK need to visit. It was suggested to me by a colleague at work and I paid a visit when I was in Nice, France. I was amazed by the nice vegetation and stone ramparts which makes it an ideal place for tourists.

Port Pin Beach

When talking about the best beaches in Cassis, I can’t forget to mention this nice but small beach at Port Pin. It is known for its clear waters, easy surfing, and nice weather conditions. The calm environment I saw at this beach makes me cherish wanting to visit it again. I found the cliffs, hills, and rocks around the beach nice and the locals were very friendly.

Activities to enjoy at the beaches in Cassis, France

If you want to have a perfect time at these beaches in Cassis, here are some activities you should try out:


If you want a beach where the torrents aren’t harsh, then you need to come to these beaches in Cassis. I went in April, and I had a nice time. You will find many people in the water, I will advise you to come in the morning to avoid overcrowding. I didn’t witness any swimming mishaps, however, I found many lifeguards at hand are ready to deter such.

Water Sports

There are also many water sports I found entertaining during my visit to the beach in Cassis City. There are gun fights, tug of war, canoe races, and a beach ball.

Things to consider when going to Cassis beaches for vacation

Cassis is one of the top places in Nice, France, that boasts amazing beaches. However, based on my experience you need to consider the following to have an excellent time:

Have a decent budget

While a Holiday in Cassis is encouraged and recommended, if you don’t have a good budget, you will miss out on lots of things. On my first visit to a beach in Cassis, I went with just €80, while I didn’t spend more than two days, I didn’t get to enjoy myself to the fullest. Top hotels with good facilities are a bit pricy, especially when close to a beach.

Avoid going during rainy seasons

Rainy seasons are messy when you visit the best beaches in Cassis. For a good vacation time, you can go during the summer or spring seasons. These are nice times when you can enjoy the city and have a good time sunbathing at the beach.

Transportation concerns

While there are many transportation avenues in the city, you could rent a car for easy movement. Also, I would advise you to walk around more to catch the perfect scenery of the city. Cassis boasts of trains and bus stations, however, I booked earlier to have good deals and discounts.

UK travelers who wish to explore the best beaches in Cassis should consider adhering to the tips based on my recommendations. Although I visited these places alone, I discovered that people who go in groups have an amazing time as they share experiences.

It is woth noting that there are public transport busses going from Marseille.

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