When seeking a place to have a good time abroad, it’s important to choose a serene environment. I was contemplating taking a visit to a good beach in France. Cannes boasts of some of the best beaches and I got to visit some of them. I will be talking about tips on how you can enjoy your time on Cannes beaches, the various beaches you can find, and activities you can enjoy in Cannes.

The Best Beaches in Cannes, France

When I visited Cannes in France, here are some beaches worth discussing:

La Croisette Beaches

This is one of the most ideal Cannes beaches to visit France. A holiday on this beach will provide you with an excellent time. This place offers everything you need from a coastal time. I will recommend you to visit this place from March-August because there are many people you will find. When I visited this beach, I stayed at the Hôtel Barriere Le Majestic Cannes, which is close to the Mediterranean Sea.

Ecrin Beach

This is one of the best private beaches around Cannes. It doesn’t have much crowd, however, it promises many activities. If you want a beach that is quiet and promotes relaxation, this is a place that meets relaxation standards in the European community. A nice hotel I stayed at on my visit to this place is Hôtel La Villa Cannes Croisette which is two minutes from the train station.

La Bocca Beach

When on a vacation in France, I saw this beach which was close to the Port of Cannes. This is a perfect alternative when you want to stay in a quiet place in France. UK travelers seeking a place where to have a good time. At this beach, you will find a soft beach, a reddish rocky sea, and much marine life. Aside from the beach, there is a swimming pool for all ages, and I enjoyed some sunbathing.

Bocca beaches

Also known as Plages Bocca, this is an overcrowded bar where you will experience a nice time in France. I visited there because it isn’t crowded and allows me to have an excellent time. You will partake in a good deal of water sports games and volleyball. I stayed at the Ibis Cannes Plage La Bocca Hotel because of its proximity and its affordable rates. Also, you can enjoy the close hills and their breakfast is top-notch.

Midi Beach

Plage Du Midi is close to the Cannes Center and stretches more than 800 meters. It has beach clubs and lots of places where you can surf. Things are cheaper at this beach because I visited their store and found some cheap surfboards and swimming trunks. A Good place to stay when visiting this place is the Veles Plage villa which is just a walk from this beach.

Fun activities you can do at the best beaches in Cannes

You can have a good time when you visit the beaches in Cannes, here are some activities I enjoyed :

Water sports

The sea at these beaches offers you a good avenue to enjoy many water sports. Games like scuba diving, water surfing, and snorkeling are some that I participated in when I went to beaches. The thrill it brings is second to know as you enjoy your time.

Watching dolphins

The beaches in Cannes boast an amazing scenario for dolphins sightseeing. You can watch some of these beautiful sea creatures in their natural homes. Though they aren’t close to the shore, you could swim towards them if you want to take pictures.


To be candid, I am not a professional swimmer, but when I saw many people on the beaches having a good time, I wanted to have some fun. I went to buy some swimming gear and rent a tube, it was fun all the way.

Take a sunbath

You could also spend your vacation on this Cannes beach by sunbathing. I usually lie down on my sand bed, wear my sunglasses and have a nice time at these beaches.

Things to do before visiting beaches in Cannes, France

Based on my experience, here are some things you need to consider when going to Cannes from the UK :

Choose the ideal beach

While most of the beaches that I visited in Cannes are beautiful, not every beach is ideal for you. While some have a unique charm, others have trendy party gives and others are quiet. Choose a beach that tallies your aspiration and goals. Also, choose the top beaches which have good facilities where you can enjoy yourself. You will also need to consider how close the beach is to your villa and hotel accommodation.

Plan adequately

When you have considered the beaches to visit, you should plan. When planning, look at the flights, tickets, and transportation tickets. Although I used Air France when coming to France, I didn’t book early, so I paid a premium. Book early to enjoy special deals and discounts on hotels and flights.

Have a decent budget

My first time at a beach in Cannes cost me above my budget. My advice to UK travelers who want to travel to France is to plan for a lot of things. Prioritize your activities and avoid overspending on things you may not need. Look for affordable accommodation options which will serve your interests.

Cannes remains one of the most ideal vacation destinations based on my experience. The transportation system is nice, and the beaches boast numerous activities. Cannes has a low crime rate and should be on top of your list when you want to go for an overseas beach holiday.

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