UK citizens need time to wind off regularly due to the hectic schedule they face. For UK travelers who wish to travel to Europe for their vacations and holidays, France offers a good avenue to have a nice time. While there are numerous places of attractions to visit in France, the Menton lemon festival should be on your bucket list.

When it comes to having the perfect time in France, festivals and events on the French Riveria are the most ideal. Read on as I share my experiences at the Menton Lemon Festival in France.

What is the Menton Lemon Festival?

This Festival is known to the locals as the Fête du citron is a yearly event in Menton, a quiet village in France close to the Italian border. This festival celebrates the popular lemon and orange fruits which can be found in the town. The Fête du Citron started in 1933 as a fruit show and has expanded to be an international event that attracts more than 300,000 UK travelers annually. The lemon and orange fruits are known as golden fruits that are celebrated in the town annually.

How is the Menton Lemon Festival celebrated?

The lemon Festival is popularly celebrated In Menton, France. The processions are elaborate and with lathe-decorated floats. This festival comes with huge musicians, brass, entertainers, and fold groups. My first walk around Menton Town was with a tour guide who explained many things about the event to me.

Also, I attended many events and exhibitions at this lemon festival which includes market stalls, fruit exhibitions, art shows, and fireworks. Although, it took a chunk of my budget, I loved the experience.

Why should you visit the Menton Lemon Festival?

I was skeptical about this festival, but a friend encouraged me to visit it and it was a good decision. If you want to come, here is what you should expect to see:

A festival that takes your mind off things

When I went to the festival, I had many things on my mind both financially and personally. But the dancing, and singing that I witnessed during the Festival took my mind off life issues. I wasn’t sober throughout the festival because various trendy events took place.

An avenue to show your fashion taste

To be honest, I am not fashion savvy, as I just like putting on basic clothing. However, if you are someone who wants a place to show off your fashion, come to the Menton Festival. I saw many kinds of costumes from the participants and people from across the world. This festival is an event where you can express yourself fully.

Social network

There is no way you won’t make friends at this festival. As an introvert, who likes to keep to himself, I didn’t have that chance. From the tourists I met at the Hotel, to people at the Carnival, I met many people. Some of the ones I met there last year are still talking to me today. If you are the lively and outgoing type, you will enjoy these places.

Activities to enjoy at the Lemon Festival in Menton

Here are some major nice carnival events I attended at the Menton Lemon Festival:

The Citrus Patterns Exhibition

This is an amazing exhibition that I witnessed at the Biovès Gardens, Menton. Entry to this exhibition is free and I experienced lots of costume displays. These displays show patterns made from lemons and oranges. They are usually inspired by a specific theme and are very ephemeral.

Garden of lights

Besides the Lemon festival, I also had a chance to see the Garden of lights. This is at the Biovès Gardens close to the Casino barrière in Menton. My friends and I loved the scene when citrus structures glow. This gave a succinct experience and showed me a new perspective on nature that I haven’t seen before.

Golden Fruit Parades

Another activity I saw was the colorful, and electrifying exhibition at the flowers in Menton. During this time, I saw many people trooping into the parade. These processions consist of people such as acrobats, brass bands, dancers, and folk groups.

Menton Arts and Crafts fair

When at the Lemon festival, I visited the Palais Dr. L’europa where local arts and crafts were exhibited. I saw many local people who were happy to show tourists their handwork.

Nighttime parades & Fireworks shows

I also enjoyed the excellent nighttime carnival parade which takes place at the promenade du Soleil in Menton along the Mediterranean Sea. I found many dancers, orchestras, and folk groups in who showed their colorful costumes,

How to reach the Lemon festival in Menton, France

There are several ways to get to Menton, here are some suggestions I will advise:


The best and fastest way to get to Menton is by taking a flight. I took a plane to the Nice airport from where I saw affordable buses which can take you to Menton.


Also, Menton is accessible via train from most European countries and the UK. One of the people I met in Menton used high-speed TGV rail from Birmingham to Nice.

Accommodation options in Menton

UK travelers who want to visit Menton for the Lemon festivals will need a place to stay during the holiday. Here are some ideal suggestions based on my experience:


Bread and breakfast remain one of the cheapest accommodation options for holiday seekers from the UK. I stayed at the Sous L’Olivier which isn’t far from the city center and cost around $100. This place also isn’t far from the historical Jean Cocteau Museum and the La Palmosa hospital where I visited regularly.

Luxury Hotels

When I left the Bread and breakfast at the Sous L’Olivier, I lodged at the Villa Genesis, Hotel Napoleon, Princess Et Richmond, and the Western Premier Hotel Prince De Galles. They cost €250,€285, €300 and €295 respectively. I just wanted to have an experience with as many hotels as possible, you might plan to stay with one during the festival.


For UK travelers with distinct tastes and classes, you can stay at the West Bay, Suite live and privative Spa, L’espadon, Appartement Moderne, Palais Ligure, and Rue Longue all in Menton. I met people at the Menton Lemon Festival who stayed at these apartments.

The lemon festival is a perfect way for UK travelers who want to visit France during their vacations to have a pleasant time. I enjoyed the firework displays, exhibition of flowers, pattern lemons and oranges, and bright yellow fireworks. I also loved the interesting sights and the sensory experience which was excellent. It is a must-see event for all UK travelers.

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I am Mehdi Ramzi, the founder of the blog "Hello French Riviera", dedicated to the French Riviera. I am passionate about this region and I share my knowledge about the activities, places and events not to be missed. I am also an avid surfer and chess player. I am a big fan of Arsenal and I am passionate about technology. I combine my passion for the French Riviera and technology by running this blog.

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