Welcome, UK travelers, to your ultimate guide to the weather in Nice, France! If you’re seeking a sun-soaked, sand-filled vacation along the beautiful French Riviera, look no further. In this article, we’ll explore everything there is to know about the climate in Nice, from average temperatures and hours of sunshine, to rainfall and activities to enjoy. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to plan your trip to Nice knowing exactly what to expect, so let’s dive in!


Located on the southeastern coast of France, Nice is a stunning Mediterranean city known for its picturesque beaches, vibrant culture, and warm, sunny weather. Its idyllic climate and natural beauty draw millions of visitors each year – and it’s no wonder why. The city’s weather offers a perfect balance of warmth and sunshine, with just enough rain to keep its landscape lush and pleasant. For UK travelers seeking a sunny escape from unpredictable British weather, Nice is an ideal destination.

Why Nice?

So, why should UK travelers choose Nice for their holiday? In addition to its fantastic weather, Nice offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, from lounging on its beautiful beaches to exploring its charming Old Town. Plus, the city is well-connected, with numerous flights to and from the UK, as well as easy access to nearby attractions such as Monaco and Cannes. And with an abundance of delicious French cuisine, world-class art museums, and stunning architecture, Nice boasts the perfect combination of relaxation and culture for UK holidaymakers.

Weather in Nice

  • Mediterranean Climate: Nice enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm summers and mild winters. This means that you can expect plenty of sunshine and relatively stable weather throughout the year.
  • Microclimate: In addition to its overall Mediterranean climate, Nice also benefits from a unique microclimate, thanks to its geographical location between the sea and the mountains. This means that the city’s weather can be more stable and pleasant than its neighbours, with less wind and fewer temperature extremes.
  • Seasonal Variations: Despite its generally mild and sunny climate, Nice does experience some seasonal variations. Summers can be hot and dry, while winters are cooler and wetter. However, even during the coldest months, temperatures rarely drop below freezing, making Nice a popular year-round destination for UK travelers.

Average Temperatures in Nice

Summer (June – August)

During summer, temperatures in Nice can range from 20°C to 30°C, with the warmest month being July. The summer months are perfect for UK travelers looking for a sun-filled holiday, as temperatures are consistently warm and perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Autumn (September – November)

Autumn sees a slight decrease in temperatures, with average highs ranging from 16°C to 23°C. Despite the cooler weather, autumn is still a great time for UK travelers to visit Nice, as the city remains relatively warm and sunny compared to the UK.

Winter (December – February)

Winter in Nice is mild, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 15°C. While not ideal for sunbathing, the cooler weather provides an excellent opportunity to explore Nice’s cultural attractions without the summer crowds.

Sunshine Hours in Nice

One of the main reasons UK travelers flock to Nice is the abundant sunshine the city enjoys. With an average of 2690 hours of sunshine per year, Nice is one of the sunniest destinations in France. In fact, June and July are the sunniest months, with up to 12 hours of sunshine per day. Even during the winter months, Nice still receives around 5 hours of sunshine per day, making it an attractive destination for sun-seekers all year round.

Rainfall in Nice

  • Annual Rainfall: On average, Nice receives around 730 millimetres of rainfall per year. While this may seem like a lot, much of the precipitation is concentrated during the autumn and winter months, leaving the spring and summer relatively dry.
  • Wettest Months: The wettest months in Nice are usually October and November, with an average of 110 millimetres of rainfall each. UK travelers planning to visit during these months should pack an umbrella and prepare for the occasional rain shower.
  • Driest Months: The driest months in Nice are June and July, with an average of 20 millimetres of rainfall each. These months are perfect for beach holidays, as the chances of rain are minimal, and the weather is warm and sunny.

Climate Considerations for UK Travelers

When planning your trip to Nice, it’s essential to consider the local climate, so you know what to expect and can pack accordingly. While the weather in Nice is generally mild and sunny, it is still subject to seasonal fluctuations and occasional rain showers. To help you plan your visit, be sure to check local weather forecasts and consult average temperature and rainfall charts. And of course, don’t forget to pack sun protection, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats, to keep you safe during your sun-filled Nice holiday.

Weather-based Activities to Enjoy in Nice

Nice’s beautiful weather provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities and experiences. In the summer months, visitors can enjoy sunbathing on the city’s gorgeous pebble beaches, swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, or trying their hand at water sports such as paddleboarding or jet-skiing. The milder temperatures of spring and autumn are perfect for exploring Nice’s charming Old Town, strolling along the famous Promenade des Anglais, or taking scenic hikes in the nearby mountains. And while winters in Nice may be cooler, they still offer a pleasant climate for sightseeing, shopping, or simply enjoying the city’s vibrant café culture.

Best Time of Year to Visit Nice

Spring (March – May)Mild temperatures, fewer crowds, lower pricesOccasional rain showers
Summer (June – August)Warm and sunny, perfect beach weatherPeak tourist season, higher prices
Autumn (September – November)Still warm and sunny, fewer crowds, lower pricesMore rain showers
Winter (December – February)Mild temperatures, Christmas markets, lowest pricesCool and wetter, fewer sunshine hours

Ultimately, the best time of year to visit Nice depends on your personal preferences and priorities. For beach lovers and sun-seekers, the summer months are hard to beat. However, if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and milder temperatures, spring and autumn offer excellent alternatives. And for those who don’t mind cooler weather and a little rain, winter provides a unique charm, with fewer crowds and lower prices.

To sum up 

With its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and welcoming climate, Nice is a perfect destination for UK travelers seeking sun, sand, and relaxation. Whether you visit during the warm summer months or enjoy the mild Mediterranean winters, Nice’s incredible weather will undoubtedly make your holiday one to remember. Armed with your newfound knowledge of Nice’s weather, you can now confidently plan your trip and make the most of your time in this magnificent French city. Bon voyage!

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