Traveling for holidays is cherished by humans as a time for relaxing, revitalizing themselves, and having family time. Choosing the right destination out of numerous places in France can be challenging; but don’t worry! Saint-Tropez is the precise place you could try.

Saint-Tropez, in southeastern France, is arguably the most visited tourist spot in the world. It has beaches, conducive weather, unbeatable local cuisine, and luxurious accommodation. The town has star appeal and tourist activities such as sailing, meeting new people and seeing historical landmarks.

Discover the history and attractions of the place, how to get there, and where to stay. You will learn more about what to do, the culture, and the local cuisine.

The History and Attraction of Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region of France. The town has a rich history that goes back to Anno-Domini 68. Near the Old Port area is a church and inside the church, is a statue of St Tropez, the image of a Roman soldier who the King guillotined for professing the Christian faith. History says his killer put his body on a boat, and the sea carried it to St Tropez in Anno-Domini 68.

Today, St Tropez’s population is less than five thousand people, and you can explore exciting places in the village in forty-eight hours. The locals earned their living fishing until tourists discovered the pristine white beaches, through a Brigitte Bardot film produced in 1956 titled “And God Created Woman.”

After the film’s release, French producers started using the city to make police films. As a result of that era, Musée Gendarmerie Nationale (Museum) represents the past popularity of cinema in that city.

Now, Saint-Tropez attracts wealthy tourists from Europe and the world for vacation. Ultra-famous musicians and actors have visited the city’s beaches and stayed in luxury hotels. Depending on the period that you decide to visit the place, the flurry of activity makes it the best holiday getaway in France.

How to get there

Vacationers to Saint-Tropez from the UK can reach the village by road, railway, boat, and air. If you want to visit the village by road, using your car, you may do so but be warned. The roads are narrow. The massive number of vacationers driving or being driven by a bus causes traffic gridlock on the roads. As a result, instead of driving a car, it would be better to use another means of travel to Saint-Tropez.

However, if you are adventurous and want to see the seashore environment, you may travel by bus from Marseille or Nice. Another travel method is by train. Take a fast train ride and stop at either St Raphael or Les Arc-Draguignan stations near Saint-Tropez. Then, travel by bus to Saint-Tropez.

Other ways to reach Saint-Tropez are through boats and ferries from Nice and Cannes. Traveling by boat allows you to see landscapes before arriving at Saint-Tropez.

Air travel offers the fastest and easiest way of going to Saint-Tropez for your holidays. It is advisable to fly to Nice or Marseille International Airport from the UK. After arrival, board a taxi or bus from the airport to the holiday destination; a few hours’ trips. To avoid any traffic hassles, hire private jets or helicopters or charter flights to the La Mole Airport seventeen kilometers from Saint-Tropez.

Where to stay

Traveling to Saint-Tropez during summer can be cool because July or August has temperatures of over 25 degrees with a peak at about 35 degrees. It is the prime summer period and luxury hotel rates are pricey. That period provides tourists with the correct climate for visiting interesting locations in the village.

Stay in the opulent chic Hotel de Paris. The hotel has a vantage location of a mere minute’s walk from Place des Lice and Vieux-Port. Their unique offering includes a rooftop pool. Hotel booking sites show that a room costs about £189. Hotel B Lodge offers modern rooms and exciting bars. The place is affordable and created for families who love accommodations in the serene locations of St Tropez. The hotel is near St Tropez’s Citadel and room rates start from £85.

Pamper yourself, and stay at the Pan Dei Palais. The hotel has Asian motifs and antique bedrooms design. Sit in the cozy colorful furniture and eat in the restaurant that cooks asian meals. That hotel is about 5 minutes drive from the Port and close to the Place des Lices. The price for booking a room starts from £195.

What to do in Saint-Tropez

The highly sought-after beach in St Tropez is in Ramatuelle five kilometers away from St Tropez. Go there for picnics on the beaches, see shining sea waters, and children playing on the neat sandy beach. Swim, and bask in the sun with other sunbathers, relax and watch other tourists enjoy their afternoons. Another beach to experience is the Pampelonne and several others like it. A little after La Ponche are stony routes, slopes, hidden caves, expansive beaches, and plush Villas.

Take a walk through Quai Jean Jaurès, beside the Port section of Saint-Tropez full of glittering yachts. Stroll to the markets to buy fresh fruits and eat seafood in the local restaurants. Observe the locals and learn about their culture and view paintings in this bustling village. Vacationers get some artworks as souvenirs. Head on to the small Glaye beach, in the former village. The small streets remind you of sailors and fishermen, and bars and offices line the street.

Go yachting in the afternoon. Hire private luxury boats or join public boats to tour the locality and breathe in the fresh sea breeze in the warm summer Sun. Visit the Musee l’Annonciade art Museum to discover the rich history of the town and see the work of Bonnard, Signac, and other eminent French Artists.

The Maritime Museum in the Citadelle de Saint-Tropez displays the shipping past of the village. While the Butterfly Museum has more than thirty thousand types.

Local Wine, Cuisine, and Shopping

Check out the Vineyards in Gassin Village and sample the delicious Château Barbeyrolles wine. Go to Provence to drink the light-colored wine. Visit the vineyards from Monday to Saturday and watch how they make wine.

Go out for a drink of cocktails and hot drinks, tapas in the evening at the Bar du Sube. Eat delicious local beef stew and Lobster at the Auberge des Maures. Try the Stéphane bar on a tiny side street for more of the local cuisine.

Raise the stakes by visiting the La Vague d’Or restaurant for excellent service and top-class food in a stylishly furnished interior. For nightlife, go to private beach clubs.

Tourists go to the Place des Lices and Place de la Garonne to get diverse luxurious items. The boutiques stock labels of notable shoes, bags, jewelry, and clothes designs of Louis Vuitton, and D&G. You can get bargain sales of these things in La Grande Braderie before the Christmas season.


Going on vacation in Saint-Tropez, France can be fun and memorable. Tourists may travel to the holiday destination by road, sea, train, and air, and visit the museum to learn about the town’s history and see celebrated works of art.

Vacationers may relax at the beach with their family, sail in a yacht or go on a boat cruise. They can stay in luxurious hotels, eat delicious local cuisines and drink first-class wine produced locally. Finally, before you leave Saint-Tropez, shop in high-end stores and begin early to plan for your next holiday in Saint-Tropez, France.

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