Are you looking for the ultimate destination for your holidays? Nice, a city on the French Riviera could be that holiday destination that surpasses your expectations. Experience the cobalt-blue Mediterranean waters, golden sunshine, and pebble beaches. 

That dream can become a reality with a journey from the UK to Nice to enjoy the thrilling view from Parc du Chateau that overlooks Vieux, Nice. Relish the attractive culture and art, and discover the best things to do and see as you plan for a memorable outing to Nice.

Nice and its main attractions

Begin your vacation in Nice by viewing the azure sea waters from the clean enthralling seashore. Take a stroll along the palm and pergolas-lined boardwalk. Again, see yourself traveling to the Museum to view art and learn about the local culture.

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You know what! The best news is that you can enjoy these thrilling experiences by visiting Nice—a mere two-hour flight away from London to Nice’s airport. During a well-deserved holiday, these are the best things to see and do.

Visiting the Famous Promenade des Anglais

At sunrise, stroll on the long paved boardwalk along the seashore that stretches throughout the city. Bask in the scenery and view people as they go by. Free your mind and feel the relaxing power of the moment in that peaceful environment.

Let the cool sea breeze fanning your cheeks, on this nice summer day contribute to your pleasure. Stand still at the waterfront for a few seconds before sinking into the blue chairs to catch your breath, and relish being there.

Cours Saleya

Immerse yourself in activities in the charming old town. Go to the Cours Saleya; that market is the place to go if you love fresh fragrant flowers. The locals bring fresh fruits and vegetables and other foodstuffs to the market. Get olive oil and foreign spices and souvenirs there. Later, the market will transform into a dining area. For a change of atmosphere, head for art education at the museum.

Matisse Museum

This museum is in the Cimiez Gardens inside an improved Genoese Villa. The gallery exhibits the work of Henri Matisse who lived between 1918 till 1954. The artist left his art to the city. The work is inspiring and puts you in the mood to do a good deed.

Castle Hill

If you like to know how the Greeks established Nice, climb the 92 meters mountain to enjoy the view. Parc du Chateau overlooks Vieux Nice. If you have strong legs and stamina, by all means, walk up to the castle.Castle Hill

On the other hand, why waste energy? Ride up with a lift or board a train that takes people to the top of that hill. At the hilltop is a bird’s eye view of the city and the Bay of Angels. Go with a camera, to snap pictures and capture a souvenir of the journey for posterity.

Where to stay

Use the budget and your taste to decide where to stay. Nice has numerous hotels that will match your preference. These are my suggestions compiled from an accommodation reservation website. The rents are affordable, and the structures are amazing architectural wonders with the amenities you require.

Luxury hotels

Boutique Hotel Côte d’Azur is a 4-star hotel. Guests will enjoy an air-conditioned room, free Wi-Fi, a mutual sofa, and a terrace. They provide clients with room and caretaker service, evening amusement, and a baggage area. The position of the room prevents disturbance from guests walking by and noises around the place. Their service is unmatched by competitors.

The Hotel Le Negresco gives guests a beach view and let them use Wi-Fi and physical Workout equipment for free. Customers use individual beaches free of charge and their restaurant cooks well. They provide a superb service.

Apartments and villas

L’Abeille—Boutique Apartments. The house is 10 kilometers from Cote d Azur Airport. Conveniences include exceptional accommodation, free Wifi, and dining in the yard.

As for the Villa Angelus, it overlooks the city and clients enjoy Wi-Fi without paying, as well as individual parking space for free. The villa provides a patio, air conditioning, and other indispensable amenities. The house is in a praiseworthy neighborhood with a trustworthy host.

How to get around and learn about the local culture in Nice

It is advisable to move around on foot. Besides, most tourists will spend their time on the seaside, the promenades, and the old town. Another reason to walk is that it’s a small city and most of the tourist sites are walkable. However, for far distances, use public transport—bus, tramway, train, renting a car, car sharing, boats, taxis and shared free mobile electric bikes.

Places to go to learn about the culture of locals include:

Place Massena

Nice is overflowing with restaurants and bars. Place Massena is the perfect place in the old town to have your dinner. There are many spots to eat the local food and several beachfront restaurants to relax in and drink delicious french wine. Try the place and observe the sun as it sets over the Bay of Angels.

Pebble-filled Beach of Nice

The Promenade des Anglais on the Mediterranean Sea at Nice, France along the French Riviera.

Nice has private and public beaches. Why pay for a private beach, you decide? Carry a comfortable beach shoe to support your feet from the beach pebbles. Go to a public beach with your family for entertainment and relaxation. Swim in the shallow part of the beach. After, visit a restaurant and have some ice cream and drinks.

Bays outside Nice

If you are up for a little escapade search for sandy bays outside Nice that are perfect for you and your household. Have some fun, play a game and sunbathe in the Bay.

Nice is a dream vacation destination that never ceases to amaze holidaymakers. The places to see and things to do are countless. Walking on The Promenade Anglais, and going to the pebble beaches to relax are good examples. Other things to do there include visiting a museum and watching the fascinating blue sea. Start planning your vacation to Nice and share your experiences with me.

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