Planning a holiday is elating considering new places to see on that trip. If you are in the UK and planning to visit Menton on the French Riviera and unsure of what to expect, keep reading. Menton, like Saint-Tropez, boasts of azure Mediterranean water, beaches, magnificent architecture, luxurious hotels, and deluxe villas. This French city is near the Italian French border. Discover the culture, lemon festival, gardens, and museums in this choice holiday destination in Côte d’Azur France.

Menton’s History

Menton is a French Riviera town in Provence, close to the Italian border. During the Roman era, Augustus Ceaser built a roman road crossing Menton from Pisa in Italy to Arelates (in Arles, France). Menton’s culture was shaped by Monaco, Genoa, and French Aristocrats. The early history of Menton dates to July 1262 in the 13th century, in a treaty between Genoa and Sicily’s King.

Menton stayed under the Monaco Authorities from that time until 1848. A vote by the citizens in 1861, decided that Menton, a former Italian territory, now belonged to France. Today, Menton has a population of fewer than thirty thousand people who speak Italian and French languages.

The over 330 days of sunshine a year in Menton make it the ideal lemon producing town in Europe. The hottest period is July to August with a temperature of 21 degrees centigrade. The coldest period is January and February with 10 degrees Centigrade. Rains fall the heaviest in October and November.

The Old and New Menton’s Development

The old town’s countless pastel villas are set close to one another with narrow streets across the city. Innumerable Yachts on the waters in the Old port area show the Maritimes nature of the town. Saint Michel’s basilica is the biggest church built in the Baroque style whose interiors are decorated with marble and the saint Michel archangel statue.

Menton was hidden from vacationers until James Henry Bennett published Winter and Spring on the Shores of the Mediterranean in 1870. That book marks the unveiling of this seaside haven to the British and Russian aristocrats, who came on holiday and built palatial holiday villas, luxury hotels, and mansions.

The new Menton features extensive villas and architectural masterpieces built in the 19th century on slopes that stretch through this coastal garden city. There is a mix of modern hotels and top-grade apartments, villas, parks for children, and restaurants for tourists.

Where to stay

Book hotel accommodation through hotel websites on the internet. Travelers in hotel booking sites recommend staying on these top and inexpensive hotels. Best western premier hotel is rated 4-star and Hotel Riva Art & Spa is rated 3-star. Another luxury hotel to stay at is the Princess et Richmond rated 4-star.

Elegant apartments and holiday homes with terraces rentals are available in Alpes-Maritimes in Menton. The moderate apartment rentals size is 50 meters squared with air conditioners and internet facilities. Rent starts from 43 Euros per night.

How to get around in Menton

Fly, take a train, charter a boat or drive to Nice or Cannes, France, then take a bus or train to Menton. Vacationers may walk through Menton’s tiny long streets to see and enjoy the cool sea air filled with sweet fragrances from the lemon trees and mimosa flowers. Here are tips for getting around by public transportation options.

Motion at a moving taxi on the street or call one in advance. A shuttle bus service operates from Nice Airport by Rapides Côte d’Azur. The bus starts at nine in the morning until nine in the evening. Another bus station operates in Menton that offers a shuttle service to Nice and Cannes. The public bus’s central station is on Avenue De Sospel. Bus tickets are affordable and run regularly every thirty minutes.

What can Vacationers do in Menton?

The resort of Menton on the Cote d’Azur in the South of France.

The places to see during the vacation to Menton are legion.

The Serre de la Madone

Lawrence Johnston created the Serre de la Madone garden in Gorbio in 1924. The garden feature pools, fountains, and statues of roman love deity, Madonnas, scarce plants starry pink amaryllis, and camellias collected from different parts of the world.

Val Rahmeh Botanical Garden

The botanical gardens of Val Rahmeh are on Avenue Saint-Jacques. Created by Lord Radcliffe at the end of the 19th century. The garden features an unusual foreign collection of more than 1,400 varieties of tropical, subtropical sea plants and fruit trees such as the Toromiro flowering tree. Vacationers can have an audio tour, and view the lily ponds and the azure Mediterranean nearby.

Les Jardins Biovès

The de-menton-fete-du-citron or Lemon festival takes place yearly in February in this garden in Avenue Boyer, Menton, France. The locals build statutes made from Lemon oranges and create different artworks as the theme for each year. The garden features a demonstration of colorful flowers and artworks to visitors. Tourists may buy any artwork they like.

Experiencing Menton’s Culture

During your holidays, learn about the culture of the locals by visiting the museums and the market.

Jean Cocteau Museum

Menton’s gifted artist Jean Cocteau’s work was exhibited in this museum near the port. Don’t hesitate to check out the interactive contemporary exhibition of his drawings, ceramics, textile, and much-decorated artwork.

Salle des Marriages

Jean Cocteau’s work is equally exhibited in a local wedding hall fully adorned with wall paintings from floor to ceiling. People go there to get married in the French style. Tourists may pay for a guided tour of the hall and receive a recorded version of the tour. The hall is in 17 Rue de la République, Menton.

Marché des Halles de Menton

This market is by the waterfront in Old Menton and you can shop for things at affordable prices. The market stocks fresh vegetables, fish, and eggs. On France rue Longue, are rows of bars and restaurants beside the market. You can get traditional French food and wine there.

Beaches and Restaurants

The sandy or pebble beaches near Menton are impressive, less crowded than those in Nice and Cannes, and open to the public. Go to Plage des Sablettes, Plage Rondelli, Plage du Borrego, and Plage de Fossan to swim and bask in the sun.

Pizzeria le Vulcano serves excellent Italian food. It is in the old Menton town. Sample the local cooking at Le Balico; the locals recommend them as one of their best restaurants to try. Prices of food range from 15 to 50 Euros in both places. Mirazúr is a restaurant in a class by itself and was honored with 3 Michelin stars in 2018, showing that the food is delicious and incomparable to others like it.

Going to Menton on vacation will provide you a relaxing environment, interesting places to see, and the local culture. Now that you have learned about the top things to do on a trip to Menton France, start planning your holiday to Menton now.

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