Europe is home to several thriving cities renowned for their architecture, museums, dining, and nightlife. It should not come as a surprise that selecting the top destinations in Europe can be challenging. The continent of Europe is home to some of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the world due to its long history, rich cultural legacy, and magnificent beauty.

There is so much for the travelers to experience, from mountain ranges to sandy beaches, from the scenic countryside to sophisticated cities with thousands of museums and art galleries. And exploring is now simpler than ever. One of these holiday locations is the stunning French village of Cassis.

What to know about Cassis

Cassis excels as a day trip or weekend vacation location thanks to its unrivaled natural beauty and abundance of options for exploration. As a fishing community with modest origins, Cassis had traditionally been referred to as the “poor man’s” Saint-Tropez. But circumstances have changed, and, if I must say, this charming small port town is gaining recognition as the ideal location to partake in the area’s most enticing pastimes.

Enjoy the bounty of the sea, savor the renowned Cassis wines, and cruise the Calanques in a place that has been enticing travelers for generations.

So where can we find this breathtaking village?

It’s an easy day excursion from the southern region’s capital, but it’s also a short drive from Aix-en-Provence, a major cultural center. Cassis is situated where the Mediterranean meets the southern coast of France, and is only a short distance from the bustling city of Marseille but seems like a world away.

It wasn’t until the 18th century, when local industry diversified and thrived, that Cassis became what it is today. This city has undergone numerous changes over the years. The Ligures settled in the area around 500–600 BC to take advantage of the abundant hunting and fishing opportunities, and this is when the small village first shows indications of occupation.

At the summit of the Baou Redon, higher and little inland from where modern-day Cassis is located, they constructed a fortified settlement. To date, Cassis is a place that offers great hunting and fishing experiences for enthusiasts!

Best things to do?

It would be far too simple to spend the entire day wandering the many charming streets of Cassis. But this charming harbor town has a lot more to offer. Now explore the things I handpicked for you to do in Cassis, France.

Visit the Beautiful Beaches

Both locals and tourists go to these seaside hideaways to take advantage of the town’s remote location and striking surroundings. Cassis isn’t often thought of as a beach town. Instead of the wide expanses of sand you may find in some other Mediterranean cities, Cassis specializes in secret coves and cliff-side bathing. Some of its beautiful beaches include:

Plage du Bestouan

Bestouan beach in Cassis is an excellent choice for people looking to sunbathe in style because it is a stone beach with a more upscale atmosphere. If you want to avoid feeling the pebbles on your spine, you can reserve lounge chairs at the Same Same beach bar/restaurant. Alternatively, you can bring a thick towel. Locals are also draped over the nearby rocky headlands.

Les Calanques Beaches

Scenery from Mediterranean sea near Cassis, south France

Put on your sneakers and head to the Calanques National Park if you don’t mind taking a short stroll to find sandy beaches. The tiny beaches at Port Miou and Port Pin as well as the beautiful Calanque d’En Vau may be found here.

Calanque d’En Vau Beach

The effort to get to what seems to be one of the most stunning beaches in the world is definitely worth the reward. At Calanque d’En Vau, you must clamber down a very steep cliffside pathway in order to access the beach. The tiny sandy beach is surrounded by towering cliffs, and the turquoise water is so crystal pure that swimming in it is a delight. Just make sure you have enough water with you to stay for the day. The third Calanque from Cassis is by far the most impressive, but it’s also the most challenging to reach.

Go Shopping

Chain stores are preferred over locally owned boutiques, and the colors, flavors, and fragrances wafting from open doors will entice you in for a closer look. In Cassis, purchasing local goods like a new market tote or linen tablecloth is more about the experience of strolling around the town streets, seeing the attractive storefront displays, and shopping than it is about finding a great deal.

Hiking the Calanques

From Marseille to Cassis, the Calanques National Park is home to some of the best hiking and scenic options in the area. Even while it is possible to walk all the way to Les Goudes, the three Calanques trek will likely pique the interest of most tourists to Cassis. This day hike will take you past Port Miou, along the beach at Port Pin, and all the way to Calanque d’En Vau, where you can choose to continue on to the beach below, before taking you back to Cassis via going inland.

Where and What to eat

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that fish is frequently the featured dish at Cassis eateries. However, don’t believe that wherever you go, you’ll be treated to Michelin-starred cuisine. Cassis is not immune to the rise of not-so-cheap and cheery bistros providing cheap imitations of European cuisine.

How to get to Cassis and best Accommodation options

There are quite a number of ways to get there. Firstly, by driving through the A50 expressway that connects the east and west sides of the village. Although this alternative is typically the fastest, keep in mind that it is also a toll road.

Another way is via public transport buses and trains that take you about 3 kilometers from the village center; after which you have to continue the remainder of the journey by shuttle. You can also access Cassis via a boat ride tour to the village. Keep in mind that the best way to move around and experience the local culture is on foot.

On another note, the Interhotel Cassitel is an ideal location if staying in the center of Cassis, France, is your first priority when looking for lodging. The pricing and vistas will be enough of a diversion, but the modern rooms don’t say much about the old town’s charm.

La Demeure Insoupçonnée offers bed & breakfast lodging away from the bustle of the inner village for more reasonably priced elegance. What’s the key selling point? The breathtaking views that may be seen directly from the pool.

Now that you know what to expect and best places to visit at Cassis, what’s left is to start planning your trip as soon as possible. The natural beauty of this French village awaits you.

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