UK residents need to have a good work-life balance to improve their mental health. Finding the right destination to have a holiday is very dear to them. Provence is one of the most beautiful cities in France which promises visitors the best time of their life.

The culture, art, architecture, beaches, food, and other major attractions make this city in France an ideal vacation spot. UK travelers who want in-depth information about how to have a stress-free holiday in France should read on.

About Provence

Provence is a beautiful city in France that has been a major tourist destination for UK travelers over the years. It is close to the Rhône, Italy, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is Part of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur in the French Metropolitan region. This place boasts a rich history and tradition which you need to learn.

While French is spoken by many of the locals, Provençal, the historical language is still spoken by some. The food culture is rich as there is wide use of oil, garlic, and fish. Tourists find their lavender, pure, fishing town, and beaches a major attraction.

5 places to Visit in Provence, France

Provence is home to many beautiful towns and villages which you need to visit when you come there. Here are some places I recommend you visit to enjoy the charm of the city:


This is the capital of the lavender part of Provence. From May through August, it is home to many tourists who find it a good place to have a vacation. This place is known for its colored purple flowers which makes it attractive.


Oppede is an ideal choice place to enjoy and learn about the Provencal culture and traditions. You will find many tiny cottages, beautiful shutters, and narrow lanes. This is an iconic village that has well-trimmed vineyards, houses, and gardens.


Gordes is home to many stone houses and has been used by many movie settings in the world. This place has some great architecture and romantic landscapes which have made it very popular. There are well-equipped art galleries and underground coves around.


This is a medieval village which has a deep history in the city. There are springs which surround the village and the waters are very clear. The spring in Fontaine-de-Vauclause sits on a ride and it’s the longest one in France.


Roussillon is close to a deep Crayon where mining of Ochre takes place. Many of the homes in Roussillon use these Ochre to facade their homes.

Things to do in Provence when on Vacation

UK travelers who pick Provence as their holiday destination can engage in outdoor activities in the City.

Visit the Beaches

Provence is home to numerous beaches and waterways where you can have some fun. The beaches have white sand and enough facilities for you to stay in. Enjoy your boat cruise, kayaking, and jet ski rides without problems. If you love surfing, I suggest you bring your surfing boards or rent one at the beach.


Provence is home to some hills and valleys where you can enjoy hiking. The best period to hike is early in the morning through the afternoon. To make it more fun, you should do this in groups for better results.

Visit the Port of Marseille

This is one of Europe’s ancient traditional spots that you must see when in Provence. This is a destination where locals converge and have the best time together. You will be amazed at the number of yachts, boats, and coastlines you will see.

Go Shopping

There are numerous shops, and stores to visit in or around Provence. Popular avenues where you can enjoy shopping are Avignon, the streets of Gorges Du Verdan, and Cafes in Aix.

Check the Food

There are tasty food in Cassie, Marseille, Gordes, and Toulon. Most accept cash payments but you can also use checks or credit cards. You need to try the soupe au Pistou, Salade Niçoise, Taoenade, and Parmesan Cheese. The wine, Cognac, Pastis, and Absinthe is a must for tourists in this region.

Transportation Options around Provence

Moving around Provence is easy depending on your preferred transportation means. Also, how you move will depend on the places you want to visit and how many people you are with. Here are some interesting ways to move around the city:


I must say that this is the best way to enjoy your holiday in Provence because you will easily enjoy the scene. The roads are nice in Provence and you can walk around without problems because directions are simple. If you are a solo traveler or came with your partner, walking is highly recommended.

Using Aix en Bus Network

If you want to use the bus, you could take this bus system as it moves around the Aix region and Aix-en-Provence. You can buy tickets to your destination for as cheap as €2 depending on where you’re going.

Pays d’Aix Network

This is also another popular community transport network in the Provence region. It moves around the Aix Lee Miles District in the city. They also offer transport services to some villages and towns based on requests.

Train Service

Another perfect transportation service around Provence is using TER, which is the regional Express Train. It is very cheap to move around and highly safe. It is an eco-friendly way to transport yourself in Provence.

3 ways to enjoy the Local Culture in Provence

You can enjoy the local culture and what nature has to offer in Provence if you:

Move with a friend

Life is a memory and the best way to enjoy this is by sharing such memories with others. It is better when you move around Provence with a partner. It could be a friend, lover, or someone close to you.

Go with a guide

Since you are a tourist on a vacation, there will be certain things you won’t know. To enjoy your holiday in Provence, you could ask for a tour guide. Tour guides are experienced and will show you some key spots in the city that will wow your mind.

Take Pictures

It’s very important to take pictures whenever you are on vacation. When visiting art galleries, beaches, or museums, ensure you go with a Good camera. If you have a mobile device with good camera functions, you can also use it. However, be careful when taking pictures in some museums and galleries because some don’t allow taking photographs of some art.

Provence Region in France remains one of the amazing tourist destinations UK travelers should have on their list. It has many natural spots and there are great places you can stay when in the city. You could use a B&B, book one of those luxurious hotels or stay in a Château, the choice is yours.

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