In the UK, almost all workers have 28 days of paid holiday yearly. This might not be much, but it’s a moderate time for UK citizens to have fun. Most Britons are international travelers with many preferring to spend their vacation in Europe. When choosing a good country to spend quality time, no nation comes close to France. While there are numerous beautiful places to spend your Holiday, Avignon remains an ideal spot.

This is a town where you can run around the beach, climb the hills, swim in the waterfalls, and be one with nature. Taking advantage of what Avignon offers tourists is highly recommended for all UK travelers.

What is Avignon in France known for?

Avignon is located in the South of France close to the Rhòne River. This town is famous for its 15-century heyday as a papal city. It has a very rich history and has many museums to show it.

You will find many modern cafés, shops and art galleries in this town. If you want to have a perfect view of the city, you could climb the hilltop park. It is close to nearby towns like Les Baux and Aries which you should definitely add to your list.

Top reasons why you should spend your holiday in Avignon

If you are not sure why you should come to Avignon, here are some reasons that could change your mind:

Beautiful Art and Architecture

Avignon is home to many popes in the 13th century, which has made it a den of many quality arts. If you are an art lover, you can visit the churches and palaces to have a perfect view of some artworks. Also, the museums in Avignon are great places where you can learn more about these works.

Explore the Wall City

Another reason why you should visit Avignon is the wall that surrounds the town. Except your journey takes you into other Provence, all Avignon attractions are inside the city walls. You can just walk around the enclosed space and rest assured, you won’t get lost.

The Food Culture

Avignon is known for its excellent cuisine, drinks, and intentional meals. The food flavors are nice, and you should take advantage of tasting the local meals. Most of their local food has fish, garlic, and oil in them.


Avignon is one of the safest towns in the South of France. There is a low crime rate and there is security in almost every corner of the city. It is safer than Marseille, Nice, and Lyon. Some local vigilantes help boost the security of the town.

Top places to visit in Avignon

When you get to Avignon, here are some places you need to visit:

Palais des Papes

This is an iconic papal palace that has been around since the 14th century. It is a major attraction in the town and one of Frances’s historical architecture. The walls of the Palace are adorned with nice frescoes paint and it has many apartments.

Pont Saint-Bênèzet

This location is called Pont d’Avignon, a mythic bridge. It was built in the 12th century to link papal territories with France. You can find it close to the Bend on the Rhône to reduce its exposure to the river currents. Over the years, the bridge has been damaged and rebuilt, so what you will see is not the original bridge.

Place du Palais

This is a wide space that is located close to the Papal Palace. It was constructed in the early 15th century when the streets around the Palace were destroyed. When you are in this place, you will have a perfect view of the Palace as well as Hôtel des Monnaies.

Collection Lambert

This is one of the newest art museums in Avignon. It was opened in 2000 by Yvon Lambert to show the works of the French government. The galleries of this museum can be found across the 18th-century hotels. The art you will see includes paintings, video, sculpture, photography, and crafts from as old as 1980.

Basilique Saint-Pierre d’Avignon

This is a gothic building that has been around since 1300. Local myths have it that its predecessor was razed by moors in the 16th century. Before entering this building, appreciate the wooden tours which were made by Antoine Volard.

Île de la Barthelasse

This is one of the most iconic River islands in Europe. It covers about 700 hectares and belongs to the Avignon government. You will find it very peaceful especially with the cluster of houses.

Musée Calvet

This museum has been around for more than 200 years serving local and international tourists. The first artworks in this museum were donated by Esprit Calvet who is an art collector. You will find various ancient decorative and archeological art from Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The Egyptian department is the most interesting place to see in this museum as there are many Canopic jars and Sarcophagi.

How to move around Avignon during your Vacation

If you want to enjoy your stay in Avignon, here are some good suggestions for moving around:


Walking provides the best way to enjoy your holiday in Avignon. Since the town is walled, you have less risk of getting lost. Moving on foot can be eventful as you will have much time to meet new people and view places. While you can walk alone, moving in two or more is more interesting because you will enjoy one another’s companion.

Using a Baladine

Baladine is one of Avignon’s unique electric buses. These buses work similarly to the diablines in Aix-en-Provence it is an eco-friendly transport and allows you to enjoy the main sights in the city. There are numerous pickups places around Avignon where these Baladines can carry you to. They run every day and you can get your ticket at the station.

Bus Transport

You could also use bus transportation around the Avignon region. These transports are run by Orizo which looks after the city transport system. You can find them by the Les Halles, or the rue de la Republic. You will need to flag down your bus stop or ring a bell when you get to your destination.


Avignon also has a tram which tourists can use when on holiday. It has ten stops and has about a 5.2 km route. It is a great means of transport to consider when passing the Avignon train station and Avignon theater.


The narrow streets of Avignon can be accessed by using bicycles and motorcycles. You can hire a Velopop bicycle which is a self-secure rental service in the town. They have about 350 bicycles ready for hire and which can be picked up immediately.

UK travelers who want to enjoy their vacation should consider coming to Avignon to have a nice time. The town boasts beautiful beaches, affordable hotels, fully stocked museums, and nice architecture. Moving around isn’t a problem because there are various means of transportation you could try.

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