Going on vacation can provide mental, emotional, and physical benefits to people who travel. Many people in the UK are working more hours and therefore having less travel. For citizens who want to improve their work-life balance, visiting Antibes, France is highly recommended.

This is a nice holiday spot in France where there are many things to see, cuisines to discover, and places to visit. I’m sure you will love to see the beautiful beaches, lively clubs, historical art, and affordable cuisines. If you want to learn more about Antibes and how a visit can change your life, read on.

What makes Antibes a nice Vacation spot for UK travelers?

Antibes is known as Old Town Antibes and is a resort town around Cannes and Nice, France. You will enjoy strolling around the stone arches and narrow paths around Vielle Ville. However, some days, there are guided tours that help move around this beautiful town.

Moreover, Antibes boasts excellent tourist sites like Musee Picasso, Cathedral Notre-Dame, and Place du Safranier. It is a very safe place to spend your vacation in France and the locals are very friendly to tourists.

Things to see and do in Antibes, France

This resort has 30 kilometers of coastline which make it one of the best spots to visit in France. There is so much to see and do in these beautiful places and they include:


Much of the area in Antibes is filled with water, which is why you will find 45 beaches where you can have a nice time. Aside from the beaches, there are coves around the Sentier de Tire Poli where you can have a bath. One of the top beaches is the Plage de la Salis which has great facilities like boat cruises, jet skis, and surfboards in this place.

Musée Picasso

This should top your list of where you should visit in Antibes, France. It is a historical center that will tell you more about Antibes’s heritage and their unique architecture. In 1966, the museum was inaugurated and has about 250 drawings, paints, and ceramics. You will also see sculptures by Joan Miro and paintings made by Nicolas de Staël.

Port Vauban

This is a port you should see when you visit Antibes. The Quay at this port has a heavy concentration of the world’s wealth. You will see well-designed yachts which are moored around the harbor. You will also notice cruise liners and some expensive Yatchs owned by the world’s richest men.

Garoupe Lighthouse

This iconic place is close to the beach and different from what you have seen in the UK. If you are brave enough to climb on top of the lighthouse, the view is amazing. You will find chapels close to the Garoupe Sanctuary which are as old as 500 years old.

Where to stay when you visit Antibes

When you travel to Antibes, you need an ideal accommodation where you can stay. There are several accommodation recommendations you can use when in Antibes. Here are some of my suggestions:


The Old Town of this resort has many apartments which you can rent when in Antibes. These apartments are located in the city center and are in a serene environment. The prices vary depending on which rooms you want and if you are alone. If you book early or book for many days, you will get a discount.

B&B in Antibes

There are also some nice Beds and Breakfasts in this place which are good for couples or single travelers. You will find good bargains around Biot, St Paul deVenice, and the hills around the city. Most of these places come food and cheap drinks.

Luxury Hotels

Top among the top hotels in this Antibes is the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc which is famous for its great facilities. It might be expensive, but you will be treated like a king because it has features such as laundry, concierge, and other functions. If your budget is about average, you can walk towards St Paul de Venice for cheaper hotel accommodation. Also, Juan les Pins has come with budget-friendly hotel accommodations as cheap as 30 euros per night.

How to get around Antibes without problems?

The resort of Antibes on the French Riviera in the South of France.
The resort of Antibes on the French Riviera in the South of France.

When you visit Antibes for holiday, you will need to move around to experience, the culture, traditions, and amazing places in the city. Here are ideal tips on how you can move around without problems:

This is arguably the best way to move around in the city. You get to enjoy the place more when you walk around. The environment is calm, and the city is safe. You will find the locals helpful when it comes to directing you to some locations.


Another way to move around Antibes is by using a bus. There are affordable buses that take several runs around the city. You can get cheap rides to Biot Golfe Juan and Juan les pins.


The SNCF Train network offers good transport services to anywhere around Antibes. They provide an excellent intercity fast rail service to tourists. You could consider making reservations to get bargains on train tickets. The local train service is simple and offers good transportation to major areas in the city.

Car Rentals

You could use car rental agencies to move around the city, especially when moving with your family. The only drawback of renting cars is the traffic which happens around the Côte d’Azur and Antibes interior. Car hire agencies offer various vehicles from Sedan, and Toyoto to four-wheeled drive.

Tips for experiencing local Culture in Antibes

When you want to enjoy your time in Antibes, here are some tips that can help you have a nice time understanding their culture:

Go with a friend

When visiting places in Antibes, try not to go alone. Most things in life are memories, and it’s best when you go with someone. It could be a friend or a loved one. When visiting places with nice architecture and art, having the right discussions with friends will help you have a better understanding.

Be selecting

When visiting iconic places in Antibes, you should be intentional about where you are visiting. Only go to places which are interesting and which have a good collection is artworks and enjoyable facilities. You can’t visit everywhere in the city, except if you are staying for up to 6 months. Since it’s a vacation, you need to prioritize the place you go to.

Use a guided tour

While going alone to places in Antibes appeals to many people, guided tours come with many benefits. Lots of the top places to visit in this place offer excellent guided tours with are free. Guided tours are a good way to have a better understanding of the place you are going to without problems.

Antibes is a great place to have your holidays, it’s a safe location in France where you can have the best of time. There are many places to visit in the city and you can stay in an array of accommodations depending on your budget and needs. You should start planning your holiday in Antibes, France today to make it a memorable experience.

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