France offers UK travelers an opportunity to experience life outside the shores of their country. For British tourists who want to have their vacation in France, going to one of the popular events is recommended. The Monaco Grand Prix comes with many attractions.

Aside from the Monaco grand support races, the city is a great place to visit. I was at the last Monaco Grand prix, and it was a wonderful experience.

What is the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most famous sports events in the world where Formula 1 races take place. There are up to 50, 000 tickets up for grabs at this tournament. You must book a space because this historical event is highly sought after in the French Riviera. This sporting race takes place usually around May and it’s a colorful event.

Also, popular Formula 1 drivers you will see at this tournament include Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, and Sergio Webber. These drivers are sponsored by various car race constructors like Red Bull, Alpine, Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Haas, and Williams.

Places you can visit during the Monaco grand Prix

During the Monaco grand prix event, I went around the city visiting these places:

Panorama Building

The first place I went to in Monaco is the Panorama Building. You will find it among the luxury apartments which are used as a medium of hospitality houses for the Monaco grand. I sat between the first corner which is towards the casino Square and the Nouvelle Chicane. It offered me a great avenue to take pictures during the track races.

Ermanno Palace

I was amazed when I stepped into the balcony of the Ermanno Palace apartment. I enjoyed a great view of the tabac corner, swimming pool area, Sainte Devote Corner and the Beau rivage climb.

Shangri La Roof Garden Terrace

The last race of the Monaco grand prix is one of the best moments of the event. I watched it at the Shangri La Roof Garden terrace which is above the Garden grid. I was with many tourists from across the world and made a few friends.

How to move around in Monaco during the Grand Prix?

If you want to have a good time during the Grand Prix, here is how to get around:


Fortunately, I stayed at the Hotel Ambassador Monaco and Hotel de France which are close to the sporting event. This made walking around easy for me because there are lots of places I could tour without taking a bus. I visited the Maison des Pâtes Condamine, Huit & Demi, and the La Tavernetta because they are a stone’s throw from the hotel. The beer in that place was €8 and I took the Bouillabaisse (€11), a local fish stew. Walking also allowed me to check the architecture, malls, and various supermarkets along the way.

Bus system

While I mainly walked around the city during the race, I and a few friends from the hotel went to clubs that were far from the place. We took a €9 bus to Pehmee Records and €6 to MK Club Monaco. However, we were left stranded on our first day at the club when we left around 11.30. We couldn’t find a cab and we had to rely on lifts from locals. When we got to our hotels, the manager told us the buses work from 7 am to 9 pm.

The Monaco Grand Prix is an exciting way to watch the F1 race in France. I plan to come back to the Monaco Grand Prix this year because I really enjoyed my vacation the last time.

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